The imposition of kinesiology tape on the abdomen area


Indications: Dysmenorrhoea

1. In this case, we need three I-tapes.
2. Apply the first and the second tapes on abdomen, while the patient is in supine position. Apply the first tape horizontally in the zone between the navel and the pubic bone. Following tearing of protective film in the middle, apply the tape from central zone towards sides with a 15 % tension.
3. The second tape is applied vertically from the upper boundary of hair cover of pubic area towards navel with a 15 % tension.
4. The third I-tape is applied using ligament method in the lower back region, and in the upper part of the uterine zone. The patient is in sitting position.

Abdominal rectus muscles

Indications: Posture correction, hyperlordosis, tonisation of muscles or increased muscle tonicity

1. This method requires two I-tapes approximately 35 cm long.
2. Ask the patient to lay on his/her back and bend his/her knees.
3. It should be noted that tapes are applied in parallel and using the same application method.
4. Apply the base of the tape without tension at the site of muscle insertion — xyphoid process and external surface of the cartilages of 5th–7th ribs. Apply the tape with a minimal tension on the abdominal rectus muscles towards the inguinal region.
5. Apply the second tape identically.

Problems with stomach 

Indications: Heartburn

1. This method requires two I-tapes 15 and 10 cm long, respectively.
2. Ask the patient to lay on his/her back, and upon application of combination of the tapes, make a deep breath.
3. The base of the first loner tape is applied at the left of the navel, then the tape is applied without tension towards xyphoid process.
4. The base of the second shorter tape is applied at the level of the navel, 3-4 cm to the left side, so that it covers the base of the first tape partially. Then apply the tape with a 15 % tension to the level of 10th–11th rib.

Diastasis recti

Indications: Diastasis of abdominal rectus muscles (divergence of abdominal line)

1. This method requires two equal Y-tapes. Tapes length is approximately 20 cm.
2. Apply the base of the first tape without tension on the middle part of abdominal external oblique muscle. Apply one of the strips over the navel with a 20 % tension, the second one — below the navel, also with a 20 % tension.
3. The same actions are performed with the second piece of tape on the opposite side.

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