Istambul, Turkey. Basic course in REA TAPE Taping Method Standart.

Kinesiology Taping Basic Course REA TAPE Taping Method. Level 1.

2 hours of Theory
- History 
- Rules 
- Physiological effects 
- Mechanism of influence 
- Scientific studies 
- Indications for treatment 
- Contraindications

6 hours practical part
- Tibias Anterior Muscle
- Gastrocnemius muscle
- Achilles tendon
- Ankle stabilization
- Hallux Valgus
- Knee stabilization
- Osgood–Schlatter / Patella tendinopathy
- Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Wrist stabilization
- Lateral/Medial epicondyle (Tennis/Golfer elbow)
- Shoulder sports/normal stabilization
- Low Back Pain, Low Back Stabilization    
- Neck Pain (stabilization), M. Trapezius
- Different Lymph Techniques
- Bursitis Techniques

Presenter Profile 

  Pavels Kolomijecs (Latvia)
* NordBlade Soft Tissue Mobilization Concept International Instructor 
* Medical Taping International Instructor
* Brugge-Ostend High School, Rehabilitaion department (Brugge,  Belgium)  
* Riga Stradins University, Occupation Therapist (Riga, Latvia)  
  Place of work:   
* "MST Company" Ltd. (Russia, Latvia) 
The cost of this course includes NordBlade tool. You will be able to take the tool home with you at the end of the course.